Chase credit card sign up bonus tracker

Chase just added a useful feature for anyone who’s recently signed up for a new credit card: A  sign-up bonus tracker that shows how much you’ve spent toward that bonus. You’ll find the progress listed on your Ultimate Rewards page.

For example, I recently signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. As of March 20, I’ve spent $2,278.43 toward the $4,000 I need to spend to trigger the card’s current sign-up bonus of 60,000 points. The tracker looks like this:

Chase sign-up bonus tracker

Chase sign-up bonus tracker

How to access the Chase sign-up bonus tracker

  • Sign into your Chase online account
  • From your accounts summary page, navigate to the Ultimate Rewards button
  • Click the Ultimate Rewards button
  • If you have multiple Chase credit cards, select the card with the sign-up bonus you’re working on
  • Scroll down to “Your Ultimate Rewards Dashboard”

What the Chase sign-up bonus tracker tells you

Along with a visualization of your progress toward the minimum spend, the tracker lists:

  • How much more need to spend to trigger the bonus
  • The amount of the bonus and how long you have to hit the minimum spend
  • When you opened your account
  • The final date for your minimum spend period

In my case, I need to spend another $1,721.57. The tracker spells out that I’ll earn 60,000 points if I spend $4,000 in the first three months from account opening. I opened my account on Feb. 14, 2019, and above the progress bar, it shows that I have until May 17, 2019, to finish my minimum spend.

Bottom Line: Is this helpful?

This is a huge help if you’re not using spreadsheets or calendars to organize all of your credit cards and required minimum spending. I have several Chase credit cards—I’ve even had the Chase Sapphire Preferred before—so it’s helpful to know how much more I need to spend, and how much longer I have to get there. It was never much of a concern for me, but not everyone works with credit cards all day. For the average person, this is an easy way to keep tabs on your progress, and a welcome feature from big players in the credit card world.