Two pieces of avocado toast

An avocado costs about $1 in New York City. A loaf of whole wheat bread will set you back about $3. But somehow that same avocado spread on a single slice of crisp bread at a coffee shop or restaurant increasingly often costs north $10. Avocado toast entered mainstream popularity several years ago, and prices only seem to be rising for this simple, healthy item that is now a staple on brunch menus across the city.

The internet is awash with varying avocado toast recipes, all striving to be deemed the best. You can have an egg avocado toast, a bacon avocado toast, a salmon avocado toast, and sites like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop have fueled the fire with avocado toast recipe after avocado toast recipe touting not just how delicious, but how healthy avocado toasts are. They’ve become so popular, particularly with millennials, that there are avocado toast memes that poke fun at the concept of paying for, well, an avocado on toast, and the people who do it. 

Maybe we’re at a breaking point. Prices are soaring to meet demand, and $10 avocado toasts are receding in the rearview mirror. There’s even an avocado shortage that’s leading some restaurants to pass off avocado substitutes as the real thing. We’re now seeing avocado toasts that cost $20 and more. It’s too much. Something has to change.

So, we’ve rounded up the 11 most expensive avocado toasts in New York City to highlight this avocado toast abuse. Let’s bring it back to it’s humble status and appropriate price point. If you know of any that are more expensive than any on this list, tell us. Because this is New York: If you see something, say something.

See our avocado toast infographic

11. The Pembroke Room (at the Lowell Hotel) – $18

Sunflower seeds and a pinch of Himalayan salt are nice touches, maybe that’s worth paying $18 for. Throw in the optional poached egg and you’ll pay $21 for this avocado toast.

10. Tavern on the Green – $20

Oceana Avocado Toast Photograph: Courtesy Google Images

Unlike other offerings, Tavern on the Green goes out of the box here with an avocado toast on an English muffin. And there’s some cilantro pesto. And that’s how you cross the Andrew Jackson threshold to a $20 avocado toast.

9. Oceana – $23

Oceana Avocado ToastPhotograph: Courtesy Google Images

We’d have to be mighty hungry to pay $23 for an avocado toast, but using sourdough for the toast is a nice touch and adding an herb aioli do make it a little tempting.

T-7. Asiate – $24

The avocado toast at the Mandarin Oriental hotel’s Asiate restaurant does have seven grains in it, and there is a poached egg. But we’re not sure how that all makes this avocado toast worth $24. 

T-7. Balthazar Restaurant – $24

Balthazar Avocado ToastPhotograph: Courtesy Google Images

The avocado toast at Balthazar has a tomato-jalapeno salsa and a poached egg on it, so at least there’s some bang for the buck here. Plus, you can’t be surprised by a $24 avocado toast on a brunch menu that also offers escargot (which, at $21, cost less than the avocado toast).

6. Villard Restaurant (at Lotte New York Palace) – $25

Not only does the Villard Restaurant’s avocado toast have both avocado and toast, it also has ‘the perfect egg.’ Buddy the Elf would gladly pay $25 to try that.

5. Grand Salon (at the Baccarat Hotel) – $26

Some places offer eggs or salsas to class up their avocado toasts. Espelette pepper is the only additional ingredient on the Grand Salon’s offering here, which makes the $26 price tag especially tough to stomach.

T-3. Arabelle (@ Plaza Athenee) – $27

For $27, the Arabelle will poach an egg, mash up the avocado, and put that all on a piece of gluten-free toast. You could also make this in five minutes at home for about a tenth of the price.

T-3. The River Café – $27

The River Cafe Avocado ToastPhotograph: Courtesy Google Images

The avocado on the River Cafe’s avocado toast is in salad form, and the pepper is of the Aleppo variety. And the view of Manhattan from across the East River is nice, there’s definitely that. 

2. The Palm Court (at The Plaza) – $28

Like with many of the places on this list, if you’re eating an avocado toast at the palm you’re probably not even looking at how much it costs. But, just to be clear, the avocado toast at The Palm costs $28.

1. The Garden (at the Four Seasons) – $31

The Garden Avocado ToastPhotograph: Courtesy Google Images

And, finally, we have crossed the $30 threshold for a menu item that consists primarily of mashed avocado on a piece of bread: The most expensive avocado toast (that we can find) in New York City is here, at The Garden at the Four Seasons Hotel, for $31. That’s as much as the combined cost of a bleacher seat ($22), a beer ($6) and a hot dog ($3) at a Yankees game, or the cost of riding the subway 11 times. Then again, if you’re paying $31 for an avocado toast, you’re probably not riding the subway that often, which is a nice thing for you.

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Infographic: The most expensive avocado toast in New York City

Most expensive avocado toast NYC