walmart credit card payment

Are you looking to make a Walmart Credit Card Payment? Well, there are several ways to pay your bill.

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Can I Make My Walmart Credit Card Payment Online?

There are two ways to make your Walmart Credit Card payment online.

Pay through Walmart’s online portal

The easiest way for most Walmart Credit Card cardholders is to make their payment online. You can pay your bill by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Walmart Credit Card account management page
  2. If it’s your first time logging into your account, you’ll need to click the “register” button
  3. Enter your card number and zip code
  4. Navigate to the bill pay section
  5. Enter the credentials for the bank account you’d like your card to be paid from

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Pay using

Another option to make your Walmart Credit Card Payment Online is to use This route is preferable for cardholders who don’t want to make a Walmart Credit Card online account. Here are the steps to pay with mycheckfree:

  1. From the homepage, click “Go Scout! Enroll”
  2. Create an account by entering an email, password, etc.
  3. From the “Local and National Bill List” search for “Walmart”
  4. Select Walmart Credit Card and click “add”
  5. Click “continue”
  6. Enter in the account number for your Walmart Credit Card in addition to the other required pieces of personal information
  7. Click “add”

Setting up mycheckfree means that your bill will be sent to electronically to your provided email. When your next bill is sent, there will be explicit instructions offered on how to set up a payment account.

Make Your Walmart Credit Card Payment by Phone

You can pay your Walmart Credit Card by phone using a service called Speedpay. The phone number for the service is: 1-877-294-7880

Paying your card this way is free unless you choose to have a representative assist you, which will cost you a $10 service charge. For that reason, it’s best to use the automated service.

Can I Pay My Walmart Credit Card With a Credit Card?

It is technically possible to pay off your Walmart Credit Card with another credit card, but we don’t advise doing so. The most clear-cut way to accomplish this is to take out a cash advance with one credit card and use that cash to pay off your Walmart Credit Card.

Of course, taking out a credit card cash advance almost always comes with huge fees and high interest rates. So unless you’re trying to get into more debt, you shouldn’t pay off your card this way.

Make Your Walmart Credit Card Payment by Mail

Paying your Walmart Credit Card by mail is another possibility. Payment should be sent to:

PO Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

Make Your Walmart Credit Card Payment in a Store

You can also make your payment in any Walmart store at the Customer Service desk. Sam’s Club members can also make their payments in stores at any Sam’s Club location.

Note: If you opt to pay your card in-store, employees will not be able to look up your account. So, you’ll need to have your Walmart Credit Card on-hand.

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