CardCruncher is the first and only tool that recommends the top rewards credit cards for you, based on your real spending. Many people aren’t using the credit cards that earn them the most cash back — we’re looking to change that. TLDR; You can use our tool today for free at

By simply logging into your primary credit or debit card account — with the same fully-encrypted, bank-level security used by Venmo and Acorns — CardCruncher runs your real yearly spending through over a hundred credit card rewards programs. In a matter of seconds, CardCruncher displays all of the top credit cards for you… like, really you. (We’re using your spending to recommend the cards, after all.)

CardCruncher Top Pick CardCruncher finds the credit card that will earn you the most cash back

How does CardCruncher work?

Using CardCruncher is easy, requiring only a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your credit card or bank account. (Whichever account or accounts you use most — whichever will best reflect how you spend your money.)
  2. CardCruncher categorizes all of your spending by grouping transactions that classify as restaurants, travel, gas, groceries, hotels, airlines, etc. In a matter of seconds, all of your transactions for the past year or so are combined under these separate labels.
  3. CardCruncher runs your spending through the rewards programs of over a hundred credit cards, simulating your real spending.
  4. Then, we show you which credit cards you would’ve earned the most cash back on — had you used them.

In addition to displaying the credit card that will earn you the most rewards, CardCruncher shows how much cash back you would’ve earned on other cards, too. This feature makes it easy to compare all of your options. Scroll down on the top picks page to see a full list of crunched cards.

What is Crunch Value?

Crunch Value is the estimated value you’d earn over a year with a given credit card, if you continue to spend your money the same way. It equals:

total cash back + sign-up bonus + annual credits – annual fee

For example, let’s say you earned $230 in cash back on your main credit card last year. Maybe you mostly spent on gas and groceries with a few trips (hotel and airfare) scattered throughout the year. Let’s also assume your existing primary credit card earns a flat 1% cash back on all purchase categories.

What if you had used a card that earns 6% back at supermarkets and 3% back on gas, like the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express? You would’ve earned more cash back — a lot more. What if you also used a card that earns points on travel and restaurants for your spending on those categories, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred? Your cash back would’ve increased even further.

Maybe one of those cards earns a welcome bonus; we add that in with the cash back. Maybe it also has annual travel credits that result in free travel; we add that in, too. Subtract the annual fee, if the card has one, and you have a card’s Crunch Value.

Crunch Value was designed to show you the true value of a given credit card, based on your unique spending habits. If you’re the type of person who seeks a credit card that offers the most rewards value, CardCruncher will present just that.

How many cards does CardCruncher review?

Currently we have over a hundred of the best credit cards in CardCruncher’s database, and we’re adding more every day. As far as credit cards rewards programs are concerned, the best rewards are mostly isolated within a handful of credit cards. We’ve prioritized adding those cards to our database to ensure that CardCruncher users are shown the best cards on the market.

As we grow, we continue to add more and more cards with the goal of assembling the most comprehensive credit card database available.