The best credit card for you?


CardCruncher crunches your spending (and calculates a whole bunch of other data) to automatically find the best cards for you, and make sure you’re maximizing rewards.

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Connect your cards

First securely connect the accounts and cards you use to make everyday purchases. We use Plaid — an industry standard financial platform. No data is stored, our AI just crunches the numbers


Crunch your spending history

CardCruncher crunches all the data for you, analyzing up to two years of categorized transactions. Our automated tools calculate your Crunch Score and match your real spending to the most useful credit cards.


Optimize and apply

See how much cash back you would’ve earned on hundreds of credit cards, how to maximize your card usage, and so much more — all based on your transaction history. Think of it as your credit card power tool.

How we find your perfect card

Most people spend days or even weeks researching and comparing many credit card reward programs. CardCruncher does all of the work in seconds.

Underneath the engine

Every time you purchase with a debit or credit card, your bank or credit card company categorizes transactions into groupings like gas, groceries, restaurants, etc. Credit card issuers use these categories to issue rewards.

CardCruncher compares your spending history to over 150 credit cards, factors in bonus amounts, annual spending credits, and fees to find you the best credit card.


Analyze Spending


Match to credit cards


Calculate bonuses and credits


Calculate net fees


Perfect credit card

We pick from over 150 credit cards

CardCruncher instantly sorts and categorizes all of your spending from the previous year and compares it in to the rewards programs of over 150 credit cards.