Are you about to buy a bunch of furniture? Would you like to pay for that furniture over time, interest-free? If so, the Rooms To Go Credit Card may be the choice for you.

As the official credit card for the Rooms To Go furniture chain, the Rooms To Go Credit Card offers special financing deals to cardholders. But you should read the fine print to be sure you optimize your spending for the most savings. Read on to find out if the Rooms To Go Credit Card is for you. If it is, we’ll tell you how to get the most bang for your buck.

If you’d like to take our word for it, and sign up for a great secured card that will help rebuild your credit, the Capital One Secured Mastercard is our favorite choice.

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Rooms To Go Credit Card Review

Here are some quick details about the Rooms To Go Credit Card:

  • Annual Fee: None
  • APR: 27.74%
  • Sign-Up Bonus: None
  • Key Benefit: 180-day deferred interest period on all purchases
  • Minimum Payment: $75 or 5% of the total balance, whichever is greater
  • Other Fees: $15 late payment fee and $25 returned payment fee

Why to Apply for the Rooms To Go Credit Card

The Rooms To Go Credit Card may be worth considering if you need a way to finance your furniture purchases.

No down payment required. When you make a purchase with your Rooms To Go Credit Card, you don’t have to pay anything down except the cost of the sales tax and any delivery fees.

Interest-free financing for up to five years. All purchases made with the Rooms To Go Credit Card are eligible for a 180-day deferred interest period. As long as you make the minimum payment on time each month and pay the full purchase price before the 180 days are up, you won’t be charged any interest.

Rooms To Go also occasionally runs specials on its website that enable you to extend that deferred interest period to five years on purchases of $600 or more.

Rooms To Go Credit Card: Drawbacks and Downsides

The Rooms To Go Credit Card appeals to those on a tight budget, but it has some significant drawbacks that could hurt these individuals more than it helps them.

No signup bonus. You don’t get any special discounts or incentives when you sign up for the Rooms To Go Credit Card. The only benefit of owning the card is the interest-free financing period.

High minimum payment. The Rooms To Go Credit Card requires a minimum payment of $75 or 5% of the account balance, whichever is greater. A minimum of $75 is high compared to most other credit cards, which usually have a minimum payment between $30 and $50. If your balance is over $1,500, you’ll end up paying even more. The minimum monthly payment on a $3,000 balance is $150.

High interest rates can hurt you. At 27.74%, the Rooms To Go Credit Card’s APR is much higher than most of the top credit cards and this could come back to haunt you, especially if you can’t pay off your purchases within the deferred interest period. In that case, you’ll be charged all of that interest retroactively, making it difficult to get out from under the debt.

Rooms To Go Credit Card Payment Example

Say you purchase $5,000 worth of merchandise at Rooms To Go. If you qualify for a special 60-month interest-free financing period, you’ll have five years to pay back the balance without paying any interest.

Your minimum monthly payment starts at $250 and will decrease as your balance goes down. But if you’re only making the minimum payment, you’ll still be left with a $230.35 balance at the end of those five years. If you pay it off, you’ll be in the clear.

If you don’t pay it off, five years’ worth of 27.74% interest kicks in retroactively, leaving you with an additional $2,205.17 to pay. And that balance will continue to accrue interest every month, costing you even more. It’s not uncommon for people in this scenario to spend twice as long paying off the loan and it often ends up costing them twice as much as they anticipated.

For this reason, it’s not a good idea to finance with the Rooms To Go Credit Card unless you are certain that you will be able to pay off the full balance of the purchase within the deferred interest period.

Rooms To Go Credit Card Customer Service

The Rooms To Go Credit Card is managed and issued by Synchrony Bank, which means all customer service inquiries will have to be directed to Synchrony and not Rooms To Go itself.

The card’s customer service number is: 1-866-396-8254

You can manage your Rooms To Go Credit Card account on Synchrony Bank’s website.

Rooms To Go Credit Score Requirements

The Rooms To Go Credit Card is a store card, and most store cards usually aren’t too hard to be approved for. For this card, we recommend applicants have average credit (630-689) or above for the best approval odds.

Where Can I Use my Rooms To Go Credit Card?

The Rooms To Go Credit Card is a closed loop credit card specifically meant for Rooms To Go. This means the card can only be used at Rooms To Go stores.

Rooms To Go Credit Card Alternatives

There are better cards for financing large furniture purchases than the Rooms To Go Credit Card. We recommend trying one of these:

If you’re looking for a card with a 0% introductory APR with minimal fees, consider the Citi Simplicity Card. There’s no annual fee and you’ll never be charged for late payments. It comes with an 18-month 0% introductory APR, which then gives way to an APR ranging from 15.49% to 25.49%, depending on your credit.

If you want a card that’s great for financing and offers rewards, the Chase Freedom card is the way to go. The APR is a little higher, topping out at 25.24%, but you get 0% APR for your first 15 months after signing up. Plus, you’ll be able to recoup some of the money you spend through Chase’s cash back rewards program.

Bottom Line: Should I Apply for the Rooms To Go Credit Card?

The Rooms To Go Credit Card is one way to finance your furniture purchases, but it’s riskier than the company’s marketing material would lead you to believe. Unless you’re sure you can pay off your purchase within the deferred interest period, you’re better off going with a more traditional credit card that offers a 0% introductory APR.

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3 years ago

Thank you so much for that info. I will be CUTTING this one up.

2 years ago

Great review, very detailed and informative.

2 years ago

Do they close it as soon as you pay it off

2 years ago
Reply to  Diane

no it took 4-5 yrs of me not using till they closed the account and this really dropped my credit by 20 points

2 years ago

I apply last year and received the card but I did not use it so is it still good to use it now or do I have to apply all over again.

Lashon Henry
Lashon Henry
1 year ago

Can you get pre-approved.

Candace Marie
Candace Marie
1 year ago

Do not get this card. I have had this card for 4 years and paid one day late ONE TIME because I forgot. Now each time I pay it down they decrease my spending limit and it hits my credit hard each time. I hate this card and once I’ve paid off my purchase I will happily chop it up to pieces. Also Rooms To Go is an awful company. Don’t ever believe the sticker price because they list the bare minimum price on furniture and sell you a much higher priced item with bells and whistles.