If you’re a frequent Torrid shopper, the Torrid Credit Card was made for you. It comes with a handful of discounts, including a useful sign-up combo of $15 off $50 and 25% off your first Torrid Credit Card purchase. That said, as a store credit card, the Torrid Credit Card’s sole value comes from its semi-annual coupons. Even then, the Torrid Credit Card’s high APR and lackluster rewards don’t really make it stand out. Most people will benefit way more from a traditional rewards credit card. In that case, it’s worth your time to check out the CardCruncher tool to find the credit card that’ll give you the best rewards.

For some Torrid shoppers, though, the Torrid Credit Card represents a way to earn rewards at the popular clothing retailer. Read on to find out if the Torrid Credit Card is right for you.

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Torrid Credit Card Quick Review

Here’s a quick look at the the Torrid Credit Card:

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Sign-Up Bonus: $15 off $50 and 25% off your first Torrid Credit Card purchase
  • APR: 27.24%
  • Rewards: 1 point per dollar at Torrid
  • Other Benefits: Two 30% off shopping passes each year
  • Fees: $25 returned payment fee and $38 late payment fee

Why Apply for the Torrid Credit Card

Here are a few reasons to consider applying for the Torrid Credit Card:

Decent signup bonus

If you are planning a shopping spree at Torrid, you’ll appreciate the Torrid Credit Card’s sign-up bonus of  $15 off $50 and 25% off your first Torrid Credit Card purchase. That discount percentage off only applies to your first purchase on the Torrid Credit Card.

Additional rewards for frequent customers

Torrid rewards its loyal customers—especially those who make big purchases. You’ll receive two 30% off coupons each year with the Torrid Credit Card, and you’ll earn 1 point per dollar. That may add up to a free purchase or two throughout the year. When you spend more than $1,000 per year at Torrid, you’ll achieve platinum membership, which lets you earn 1.5 points per dollar.

Torrid Credit Card: Drawbacks and Downsides

Before you sign up for the Torrid Credit Card, there are a few things you should know.

It has a high APR

The Torrid Credit Card isn’t a good fit if you ever carry a credit card balance. The card’s 27.24% APR is much higher than most cash-back rewards credit cards. That could end up costing you more than the rewards you earn if you’re not careful.

It’s only useful at Torrid stores

The Torrid Credit Card works only at Torrid stores or on the company website. Unless you frequently shop at Torrid, you won’t get much use out of this card.

You get few exclusive rewards

You can sign up for Torrid’s Insider Rewards program without applying for its credit card. This rewards program lets you earn points just as the credit card does, and members who spend more than $1,000 are also eligible for Platinum Status.

The Torrid Credit Card’s only unique perks are its sign-up bonus and the two 30% off coupons. If you make many small purchases throughout the year, as opposed to one or two larger ones, you probably won’t miss these exclusive rewards.

Torrid Credit Card Alternatives

Other rewards credit cards out there enable you to earn better rewards without limiting where you shop. Consider one of these alternatives before you apply for the Torrid Credit Card:

Chase Freedom Card

For a well-rounded cash-back card that rewards your clothes shopping, try the Chase Freedom Card.  It has no annual fee, and you earn 1 point per dollar on every purchase. The Chase Freedom also earns 5% cash back on categories that rotate every three months. Historically, department stores have appeared as a rotating category at least once per year.

Citi® Double Cash Card

If you’re looking for a high-value cash-back rewards card, check out the Citi® Double Cash Card. You earn 1 point per dollar on every purchase, and then another point per dollar when you pay your bill. The Citi Double Cash has no annual fee, and no rotating categories to sign up for, either. You earn 2% cash back on everything—simple as that.

Torrid Credit Card FAQs

What’s a Torrid point worth?

For every 200 points you earn, you’ll receive a $10 Torrid gift card. This makes each point worth $0.05.

Platinum members will be able to reach 200 points quicker, as they earn 1.5 points per dollar, as opposed to the standard 1 point per dollar for non-platinum members. Points expire after 13 months if there has been no activity on your account.

How do I pay my Torrid Credit Card bill?

Comenity Bank issues the Torrid Credit Card, so all customer service inquiries should be directed to the bank and not Torrid itself. You can pay your pay your bill either by calling the toll-free number, 1-800-853-2921, or by logging into your online Torrid Credit Card account.

Comenity does not appear to accept Torrid Credit Card payments via mail.

How do I activate my Torrid Credit Card?

Your Torrid Credit Card will come with activation instructions in the mail. You can activate the card by either calling the provided activation phone number or by visiting the Torrid Credit Card’s activation page.

How do I close my Torrid Credit Card account?

You can close your Torrid Credit Card by calling Comenity Bank’s Torrid customer service number at 1-800-853-2921. After calling, mention that you’d like to cancel your credit card and follow the provided instructions.

Bottom Line: Should I Apply for the Torrid Credit Card?

Loyal Torrid customers may be able to squeeze some value out of the Torrid Credit Card on one or two large purchases each year. But the average consumer will be better off with a more flexible cash-back credit card. To find the best card for you, try out the CardCruncher tool. And if you still want to earn rewards for all the shopping you do at Torrid, you can sign up for Torrid’s Insider Rewards program without getting the credit card.