The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is worth a closer look if you like Victoria’s Secret clothing and lingerie and you want to be rewarded for being a loyal customer. But unless you’re spending several hundred dollars there each year, you won’t get much benefit from this card.

Victoria’s Secret Quick Credit Card Review

Here’s a brief overview of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card:

Annual Fee: None

APR: 26.74%

Sign-Up Bonus:

  • $20 off of your first purchase with the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card
  • Coupons offering up to $65 in savings


  • Reward points on all purchases made at Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores:
    • 3 points per dollar on all bra purchases
    • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases
  • Choose up to three triple-point days per year
  • Free birthday gift every year
  • Free shipping on all online purchases that include bras
  • VIP status for those who earn 500 points in a single year, which gives you insider access and invites to special events
  • Angel Forever status for those who earn 1,000 points in a single year, which earns you a special thank you gift each year

Minimum Payment:

  • If balance is $27 or less, then the full balance
  • If balance is greater than $27, then the greater of $5 or 5% of the total balance

Other Fees:

  • Up to $25 for returned payments
  • Up to $37 for late payments

Why to Apply for the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

There are several reasons to take a closer look at the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card:

  1. You want to be rewarded for being a loyal customer: The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card enables you to earn reward points that can be put toward future purchases on all bras, underwear and clothing purchases. You’ll get the best deal if you shop for bras because you’ll earn three points per dollar on each one. You can also choose three triple-point days throughout the year, which is a nice option if you like to splurge a couple of times a year. If you spend enough, you could be rewarded even further with VIP or Angel Forever status.
  2. You like getting free items: You’ll get $20 off when you’re approved for the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, and you’ll continue to get coupons and rewards throughout the year, including a free item on your birthday. If you don’t live near a Victoria’s Secret, you’ll be pleased to know that cardholders also get free shipping on all online orders that include bras.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card: Drawbacks and Downsides

While the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card has some nice perks, here are a few reasons you may want to look at other credit card options:

  • Only the most loyal customers will earn rewards. You must spend $250 before you earn anything in rewards, and even then, you only get $10 to put toward your next purchase. If you don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret that often, you probably won’t earn very many reward points. However, the card may still be worth it to you if you value its other perks, including a birthday gift and free shipping on select online purchases.
  • You’ve been known to carry a balance. At 26.74%, the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card’s APR is well above average. Those who only make the card’s $5 minimum payment will find their balance quickly growing, and this can negate any rewards points they may be earning. If you’ve been known to carry a balance in the past, you would probably be better off sticking with a traditional cash-back rewards card that charges a lower interest rate.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Alternatives

If the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card isn’t a good fit for you, here are some other cards worth taking a closer look at:

Chase Freedom Card: Rotating Categories Earn 5% Cash Back

Consider the Chase Freedom Card if you’re looking to earn rewards on your everyday purchases as well as your Victoria’s Secret purchases. You’ll earn 5% cash back on rotating categories each quarter and 1% back on all other purchases. These points will never expire, so you can save them up and redeem them for statement credits, gift cards and more.

The APR is lower than the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, so carrying a balance won’t be quite as detrimental. And you won’t earn any interest on purchases or balance transfers made within the first 15 months of account opening.

Citi Double Cash Card: Double Points on All Purchases

If you want to be rewarded for being a responsible payer, the Citi Double Cash Card may be a better fit. You’ll earn 1% cash back when you make a purchase at any store, including Victoria’s Secret, and then you get another 1% back when you pay for those purchases.

There are no categories to remember and sign up for, so it’s a good choice if you often forget to do this. As an added plus, you’ll have a $0 annual fee.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card:

How much is a Victoria’s Secret reward point worth?

Angel and VIP cardholders will earn a $10 Angel Reward for every 250 points that they earn. This makes each point worth about $0.04 each. Angel Forever cardholders will earn a $15 reward for every 250 points earned, which makes each point worth about $0.06. This is a little on the low side, as many store credit cards offer points worth $0.10 each.

Do Victoria’s Secret reward points expire?

All Victoria’s Secret reward points will expire within 12 months of being earned, so you must spend them within that time.

Can I use my Victoria’s Secret card at Bath & Body Works?

You can use your Victoria’s Secret card at Bath & Body Works stores, but you will not earn any reward points on these purchases. You also cannot use the card to make Bath & Body Works purchases online.

Bottom Line: Should You Apply for the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card offers some nice rewards to its loyal customers, but a low rewards-earning rate and points that expire after a year mean this card won’t hold much value for those who only shop at the store once or twice a year. In that case, you’re better off going with a more flexible cash-back card.

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