Are you in the process of refreshing your home’s furniture? If you’d like to, the Wayfair Credit Card is definitely worth a look.

The Wayfair Credit Card gives cardholders both cash-back rewards that you can use toward furniture purchases at Wayfair and its partner stores, as well as the option to finance large purchases over time.

If you don’t pay the balance in full by the end of the 0% interest period, though, you’ll be  hit retroactively with all interest accrued during the promo period. Read on to find out if the Wayfair Credit Card is right for you. And, if it is, we’ll give you some tips to get the most value out of it.

Wayfair Credit Card Quick Review

Here are the highlights of the Wayfair Credit Card:

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • APR: 29.24%
  • Sign-Up Bonus: $40 off your first order of $250 or more
  • Key Benefit: Get 3% back in rewards on all purchases at, Joss & Main, AllModern, BirchLane or DwellStudio to be redeemed at any of these stores
  • Financing Offer: Special $0 down financing at any of the listed stores:
    • 6-month financing for purchases of $250 or more
    • 12-month financing for purchases of $500 or more
    • 18-month financing for purchases of $1,500 or more
  • Minimum Payment: If your balance is less than $25, then the full balance. If your balance is $25 or more, the greater of $25 or 3.5% of the new balance.
  • Other Fees: Up to $38 for late payments. Up to $38 for returned payments. $6 for copies of statements, sales/credit drafts, or checks/money orders.

Why Apply for the Wayfair Credit Card

If you like to do most of your shopping online, the Wayfair Credit Card can be a tempting option.

You shop a lot at Wayfair

By using the Wayfair Credit Card, you can earn 3% cash back on all of your purchases at Wayfair or its partner stores. You can only use this cash back towards future purchases at one of these stores, so only people who do a lot of shopping at Wayfair will get the full benefit.

You need more time to pay off large furniture purchases

It’s not unusual to spend thousands of dollars to fill a new apartment or home with everything you need, and The Wayfair Credit Card payment plan gives you access to a special financing deal on large purchases. For purchases exceeding $1,500, you can take up to 18 months to pay them off without incurring any interest, provided you pay the full balance within that time.

Wayfair Credit Card: Drawbacks and Downsides

Though the Wayfair Credit Card seems like a strong choice, there are some downsides and dangers to the card.

Poor sign-up bonus

When you sign up for the Wayfair Credit Card, you’ll earn a sign-up bonus of $40 off your first order of $250 or more. The bonus doesn’t apply to smaller purchases. In addition, you can’t combine that discount with the card’s special financing plan. Given that many other credit cards offer sign-up bonuses worth hundreds of dollars, this offer is underwhelming.

The special financing is a dangerous deferred interest plan

The fine print of the cardholder agreement includes a line that states that if you don’t pay off the full balance of your purchase within the 0% interest period, you owe all the interest that you would have paid had you not chosen the special financing deal. This means you have to pay off the full amount before the special financing period ends, or you get no benefit at all. In fact, you’ll get a surprise bill for an amount much larger than you expected.

Wayfair Credit Card Alternatives

The Wayfair Credit Card certainly isn’t for everybody. If you’re looking for a card to help with your online furniture shopping, check out these alternatives:

Amazon Rewards Visa® Signature Card

If you want a more versatile credit card, but still like shopping online, consider the Amazon Rewards Visa® Signature Card. You can use this credit card anywhere, but using it at Amazon earns the best rewards. If you have Amazon Prime, purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods will earn you 5% cash back. You’ll also earn 2% cash back at gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores, and 1% back everywhere else. Amazon also sells furniture, too, so this card can let you earn more rewards when buying furniture online.

Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards

If you’re looking for a good financing deal, consider the Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards. It offers a flat 1.5% cash back on all purchases. That’s only half the rewards rate on the Wayfair Credit Card, but the Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards card works anywhere. It’s a good choice if you want to shop at stores other than Wayfair.

The card comes with 15 months of interest-free financing from the time you open your account, regardless of the how much you spend. More importantly, you won’t have to pay interest retroactively if you don’t pay off the balance before the special financing period ends. Unlike the Wayfair Credit Card, this is a true 0% APR period, and not a deferred-interest period. As a bonus, you can earn a $150 cash bonus if you spend $500 within the first three months of account opening.

Bottom Line: Should You Apply for the Wayfair Credit Card?

The Wayfair Credit Card is an underwhelming store card. Its benefits aren’t terribly impressive when compared to more versatile cards, so it only makes sense if you regularly make large purchases at Wayfair. Even then, you might find another cash-back rewards card that can do a similar job—along with earning rewards elsewhere.

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Wiliam Naragon
Last year I purchased a $2000.00 couch from Wayfair under the special credit plan with my Wayfair store credit card. First of all it took more than a month to get it to my home. I could not pay for the couch in the amount of time they gave me because my Wife passed away suddenly and I had other expenses that I needed to pay for. I started out with about $2300.00 That I owed. I now have a balance of around $2900.00. The balance keeps getting bigger. Looks I will never get the darn thing payed off. If… Read more »
Karen oestereich
I got a promotion for 1 year. I setup My payments debit every mo for 12 Mos starting the 1st mo due date. Automatic payment hence I was never late. However they made the last day of payment the day of purchase not 12 mos from 1st due date So I left 35.00 on my credit card and they charged me an interest of 103.00. I found this out 9’days after the Promotional date and I called and told them I will pay in full whatever is left if they could waive the interest since I’m a new Cardholder. Nope… Read more »
Jena P

DO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD! This Ohio based company is the most archaic credit card company I’ve ever encountered. They only use snail mail, and I’ve spent hours on the phone trying to just locate my account number to pay my bill. One customer service representative, named BUNNY, hung up on me. I now have to MAIL in a proof of address before I can pay my bill. Comodity Bank is not only 70 years behind the times, but the customer service is terrible. DO NOT BE LURED BY THIS CARD! IT WILL ONLY CAUSE FRUSTRATION!